WordPress Experts – On-Going Support and Maintenance for WordPress based sites

Your Website Will Be Safe &
Secure With WPower Host

  • Daily Monitoring, Virus Scans, and backups for your WordPress Databases
  • Weekly Updates, Full Backups, Statistics Tracking, Secured Upgrades
  • Access to our Secure Ticketing System where one of our highly skilled WordPress experts will respond to your question shortly after opening a ticket
  • No longer worry about the performance and security of your site, we will take care of all that for you. That way your focus stays on your business where it belongs

Our Services

We are your one stop for everything WordPress! We offer more than simple WordPress website management we offer everything you need to both host and maintain your website. We take care of everything from updates to security so that you never have to worry about your site. It's important to us that your focus stay on your business not keeping the website going.

  • Security

    Daily malware scans, protection from bots, and plenty more! We will use every security measure available to be sure that your site is protected.

  • Regular Backups

    Each day the information stored within your WordPress Databases will be stored for safekeeping. On a regular basis your site will also receive full backups.

  • Updates

    Very frequently things break when updates are released both for WordPress core and plugins, yo no longer need to worry about it. Every update is secured to give you peace of mind about the safety of your site with each update.

  • Daly Monitoring:

    Our automated tools will look over your site and notify our experts as soon as something unusual occurs to your site, we have a monitoring system activated to make sure we are the first to know of any anomalies in your site.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Simple Site Management
  • No Overloaded Servers
  • Affordable Prices
  • Secure Your Web site
  • Personal Client Support
  • Highly qualified TechSupport
  • US Based Data Centers
  • Support Ticketing System
  • Fast Response Time
  • Sophisticated 24/7 Monitoring

About Us

When we say that we are knowledgeable about WordPress that doesn't mean we just know how to work with it. We are actually WordPress coders so we know everything about it as a web platform. Our expert team has made a name for themselves in the web development community creating WordPress sites. They are well known for their creation of eccomerce, client web portals, and so much more!

We specialize in everything WordPress from its coding to its maintenance. We are among the only groups in the web development community that can make this claim. It gives us a great edge over other web hosting and maintenance communities because we understand WordPress down to its very code.